About the Band

The Big League Boys are a cover band from Chicago, Illinois.  We perform a catalog of songs ranging from the 50s to today in every genre you can imagine.  We pride ourselves on playing a wide variety of covers and are sure we can meet any song selections you desire for your event.

We have played music our entire lives and love the thrill of performing live, whether at a crowded Chicago pub or providing all the dance music for the guests at your wedding or corporate event. We’ll play anywhere from house parties to concert halls and everything in between.

As a band, we are adding to the list of songs we cover, performing themed shows and challenging ourselves with new musical ventures. Follow us here for information on upcoming shows, or contact us directly for booking information to see how we can improve your next event.

Tim Martens

Tim is a resident of Chicago, IL and has been singing with The Big League Boys since the band’s inception. Tim grew up in Elgin, IL and played Tenor and Alto Saxophone and also sang in his school’s choir. He is a sucker for any music featuring strings, piano, ukulele, accordion and/or horns. Tim’s favorite part about performing with The Big League Boys is keeping the crowd guessing and surprising them with songs they love, but haven’t heard for a long time.

Scott Palahniuk

Scott joined The Big League Boys after moving back to Chicago in 2015. Scott has played guitar and bass in numerous projects and has been playing music with fellow BLB members Mike and Joe since 2006. When Scott’s not delivering the silky smooth bottom end to the Big League Boy crowd, he enjoys eating, traveling, finding new records and spending time with his wife.

joe haggenjos big league boys

Joe Haggenjos

Joe joined the Big Leagues in early 2014. After honing his craft tickling frets in jazz and jam bands and spending the last few years touring the country in a Chicago pop band, it was time to get back with the Boys he’s known since high school to conquer every decade of music. His passion is live music and putting on an unforgettable show every time.

Brian Brunner

Brian has been in bands for almost 13 years. He has played rock with Les Paul bearing guitarists, bluegrass with hot banjo pickers, and funk with thumping bassists.  Always one for a good time, he enjoys the communal aspect of BLB shows and the joy that the music can bring to everyone involved.

Mike Romano

Mike was called up to the Big Leagues in early 2014: the bands inception. Mike has been taking notes from his favorite drummers – John Bonham, Carter Beauford, and Max Weinberg – for many years now and finds the place where they all meet and tries to make it his own. Mike finds passion in the energy and joy that can be cultivated at a BLB show and loves discovering the spot where the band and audience are having the shared experience of a great night.

Conor Clarke

Conor is a beautiful bearded guitar player in The Big League Boys. If you don’t see him on stage at every show, it’s because he moved to Kansas City and didn’t’ tell anyone why. He took his guitar and amp with him so he could still shred it up in cow town and join the BLBs whenever possible. He has been playing music with Tim and Joe since high school jazz band. Conor loves the thrill of playing music with his friends and having a great time on stage.