August 11, 2018 found us lugging all of our equipment up what’s technically two stories to the spacious, energetic room that is Subterranean. With this being our 3rd time in this great venue, our agenda this time called for some rockin’ tunes; this time for a little more.

This time around, our drummer (Mike Romano) finds himself engaged in the months long battle of training for the Chicago Marathon. And while that’s all well and good for him, he was able to scheist us into helping him meet his goal of money raised for Team ALS by donating our proceeds to his marathon team this evening. A more clever ruse had never been pulled by him; he isn’t known for his wits…

In all honesty, the opportunity to raise the money for a good cause while providing a fun evening for the audience is something these Boys love to do.


In preparation for this show, we had to tailor a set list that was a bit shorter than normal for those Major League Fans who come to our Big League shows. With a hard cut time of 9:30, the race was on once we hit the stage. Following us this evening at Sub-T was an event titled “Silent Party.” Sounds rapturous. Apparently what happens at these parties is with your admission you receive a set of headphones with 3 separate channels on them, each of which is tuned into one of the three DJs that are set up and playing music for their listeners. This gives a party room with only the music playing through your ears. Has your little sibling ever had their headphones in and they were singing the song they were listening to as if the music was turned up loud for all of us to hear? I picture “Silent Party” like that but with 400 more people all doing it at once.

Anyway our set list brought about some fun tunes, some of which we don’t get around to much. A “Crown on the Ground” opener by Sleigh Bells was certainly going to grab the audience by the jugular on this heartfelt evening.

All-in-all it was a fantastically fun evening that helped raised $675 for ALS research across Illinois.

Until the next one, stay Silent

mike words by M.R.

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